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G35 FAQ's
1. Who is cinemek?
  Cinemek is a company striving to provide cost effective tools to filmmakers with enable them to finally produce the look that they want.
2. What is the G35?
  The G35 is a revolutionary HD imaging device which allows for 35mm Depth of Field and Field of View. It contains no moving parts and is nitrogen purged and fully sealed. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for professionals, where a filmic look is required.
3. What's unique about the G35?
  The G35 is the first device to truly virtualize the look of 35mm, which is most noticeable in areas of soft focus. It is the most cost effective static adapter available for use with both HD and SD cameras. It's completely sealed design maintains a clean imaging surface free of debris which can ruin a shot.
4. How does the G35 mount to the camera?
  The G35's camera mount attaches via your camera lens hood bayonet mount simultaneously protecting your focus ring from mistaken bumps and providing an access port at the bottom for focusing.
5. What mounts are available?
  Currently the CS (camera specific) mounts available are for the Panasonic HVX200, HPX170/150, DVX100, Sony EX1/EX3 and Canon A1. We also offer a universal mount which utilizes a 72mm thread which works well on cameras such as the Canon HV20. Lens mounts are Nikon F mount and Canon EF mount.
6. Will you be offering a Rail system?
  Yes. A small lightweight rail system is being developed in conjunction with Serious Gear.
7. What is the weight of the G35?
  Due to its compact design and high quality optics, the G35 including both the camera and lens mounts weighs in at under 1.8 pounds.
8. Does the G35 flip the image in the adapter?
  No. To minimize size, weight and optical elements, the G35 does not invert the image right side up. A solution is being looked into, so if this is of interest to you, contact us.
9. Will you be offering a Rail system?
  Yes. A small lightweight rail system is being developed to allow for support and rapid removal of the G35.

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